NYMAC Relay Race

NYMAC 4 x 1 mile relays

Stewart Park, Thursday 31st May at 7 pm.

(UKA licence number: 2018-31756)

(Stewart Park, Ladgate Lane, Middlesbrough. TS7 8AT – car park is just off Ladgate Lane on the B1380)

Registration 5.45 pm to 6.30 pm

Teams of 4: – Prizes in the following categories: – Male open (1st, 2nd and 3rd) Female open (1st, 2nd and 3rd). Male 200 year, Female 160 year, Male fastest Leg, Female fastest Leg, New course leg record Male and Female, Mixed team prize and Race Directors special prize.

The ages of each runner in the 200 year male team must add up to a minimum of 200 years on race day and the ages of each runner in the 160 female team must add up to a minimum 160 years on race day. Mixed teams can be any combination of age and gender. Minimum age for all categories is 10 years old.

Please note that all runners must run in the order that they have entered (A, B, C etc.)

Entry Fee is £12 per team affiliated – £14 per team non-affiliated, Online entry only! Entries open 12th May 2018 at 6pm

Maximum 100 teams!


Each leg is a measured one mile in length and takes place in and around the paths of Stewart Park. The course is well signed and marshalled. For further information visit our web site at www.nym.ac


· The course: The course is a certified measured one mile course (although very testing) and uses almost the first mile of the Stewart Park Parkrun course. It is well signed and marshalled.


· The start: The start is a massed start with all categories starting together. (Just outside the Captain Cook museum)


· The finish: The finish of your team’s race is when the fourth runner of the team (D) crosses the finish line.


· Change over area: The baton exchange must take place within the 7 metre change over area just after the finish line. Unless you are the next baton receiver please stay clear of the changeover area.


· The public: The Park is open to the public so all competitors are asked to take care and respect other park users.


· Toilets: Located in Henry Bolckow Centre.


· Information / Results: Further information can be obtained from our web site. After the event individual times/results will be published on our web site. www.nym.ac


· Prizes: The male and female open prizes will be presented as soon as possible after the last runner crosses the line. The other category prizes will be posted or made by bank transfer.


· Caution: Competitors take primary responsibility for their safety and participate in the event at their own risk. The organisers cannot accept any responsibility for personal accident or damage to athletic equipment and other personal effects or any public liability.

· Pacing: By all means pace and encourage your team mates but please do not pace the last 50 metres, (after the last turn) this confuses the timekeepers.

· Earphones/headphones/ipods etc. are not permitted – wearers risk disqualification.