Social Nights

The aim is to get us all socialising a bit more, have a chat, unwind after a run, stay in touch with other members.

So the first Thursday of each month we can meet after training in the Squash Club for a few drinks, chat and the odd event.

You do not have to have trained to attend, in fact it'd be great for those that can't get to training, through work or injury commitments, to come along so they can keep in touch with other members.

In the future I'll be looking to put a few events on, quizzes, pool, darts competitions, with the aim of it being fun rather than an elite competition.

Hope to see some of you in there tomorrow.

Date Event
09-Mar Just to be social
29-Jun Treasure Hunt
09-Sep Night out in Middlesbrough, meet in Swatters Carr for 8:15'ish.
05-Dec Tuesday – Christmas curry night.


Non-Members can be signed in, however there are limits around signing in guests, but If you're going to attend these on a regular basis then a Social Membership for the Squash Club should be bought, these are £15 and let you have access to the bar on any night and weekend. Drinks are cheap as chips in there.