Fell Training

North York Moors AC Fell Training Plan

Introduction to Fell Running – meeting points and routes

Below are the planned training runs, all runs are easy paced and last for around 60-75 minutes, 6-9 miles. All Mondays and always meeting at 6.30, unless stated differently.

Facebook may have more details;

Head Torches are required until we hit BST.


Date Location Meet Route
07-Aug Gribdale Gate Car Park Gribdale Gallop Recce
24-Jul Gribdale Gate Car Park Eddie's Loop in reverse. Route
26-Jun Ingleby Cross By All Saints Church, south of the A172  
19-Jun Bank Foot Where the road forks near the houses Along towards Kildale, up to Baysadale Abbey, Over Battersby Moor, back down.
12-Jun Square Corner Osmotherley Square Corner  
05-Jun Pinchy Pinchinthorpe Visitors Centre **** There is no one to lead this run. ****
29-May Eston Hills Cross Keys pub car park  
22-May Kirkby The top of Hill Road Skirt Cringle Moor to Lordstones, up to the Glider Station, down Carlton Nab, over Cringle Moor, to the top of Cold Moor, back to the start.
15-May Maynards Nursery The road bend on the Chop Gate road.  
08-May Osmotherley The Village Green Past Oakdale Reservoir to Square Corner, along the Drovers Road, over to the satellite station, back to Osmotherley.
01-May Kildale On the grass verge just before the village www.strava.com/activities/967212205
24-Apr Great Ayton Tourist Info Car Park www.strava.com/activities/957281990
17-Apr Saltburn Cat Nab Car Park Along the Cleveland Way to Skinningrove. Route
10-Apr Clay Bank Clay Bank Carpark www.strava.com/activities/955807323
03-Apr Hutton Village Just by the field on the bend before you get to the village www.strava.com/activities/927354491
27-Mar Clay Bank Clay Bank Car Park Around Round Hill and back.
13-Mar Bank Foot Where the road forks near the houses. Up the Uphill Mile, along to Bloworth Crossing, down the Incline, through the woods back. Route
6-Mar Great Ayton Tourist info car park Along to the foot of Roseberry Topping, over the top if you fancy it, up Little Roseberry, Captain Cooks & back to Great Ayton. Should be just under 7 miles. Route
SUNDAY 29-Jan 8:30am Oakdale Loop All Saints Church, Ingleby Arncliffe Oakdale Loop
23-Jan Pinchinthorpe Pinchinthorpe Visitors Centre Bousdale Woods, Little Roseberry and The Unsuitables. Route


Date Location Meet Route
19-Dec Guisborough Woods Guisborough Rugby Club, Belmangate, Guisborough TS14 7BB We will hopefully be doing a lap of the Guisborough Woods race and then have a jaunt around the woods. Don't forget your head torch. Route
5-Dec Newton Under Roseberry The lay-by car park Trot around the woods below Roseberry Topping. Route
14-Nov Gribdale Gate The car park for Captain Cooks Monument. Up to the Monument, left towards Kildale, down the road, up the rutted track, over to the top of Little Roseberry and back to the cars. Route
7-Nov Bank Foot Where the road forks near the houses. Up the Incline, along to Bloworth Crossing, down the Uphill Mile. Route
24-Oct Hutton Village The road to Hutton Village, just before you get to the village. Wind our way round and up the Unsuitables, skirt the side of Highcliff and back past Blue Lake. Route
17-Oct Gribdale Gate Gribdale Gate Eddie's loop Route
10-Oct Clay Bank Clay Bank car park Inclined to Madness Route
03-Oct Carlton Bank Near Lordstones Through the woods, up the steps, back over the top. Route
26-Sep Slapewath The Fox and Hounds, Slapewath Towards Highcliffe and back. Route
19-Sep Great Ayton Tourist info car park New Years day race in reverse'ish, but up Aireyholme Lane over Little Roseberry to Gribdale Gate, then race route back. Route
12-Sep Osmotherley The Triangle in the middle of the village Oakdale Loop clockwise Route
05-Sep Swainby Meet at the Church Route to be decided on the night. Route
29-Aug Newton Under Roseberry Carpark in the layby through Newton under Roseberry Round Roseberry, over Little Roseberry, drop down Hanging Stone, through Pinchy past Blue Lake, back over Roseberry. Route
22-Aug No run organised.  Uphill mile the next day.  
15-Aug Saltburn Cat Nab Carpark at the bottom of Saltburn Bank. Towards Skinningrove and back. Route
08-Aug Eston Hills Flatts Lane Country Park Up the hills. Route